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What is ALS?

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1. What is ALS?

First of all, ALS is a logistics corporation whose main activities locates in Vietnam. The letter “A” stands for aviation. This also describes our primary major in the logistics supply chain. ALS mainly provides solutions for international and domestics enterprises by airways.

ALS operates under the model of a corporation, we have a system of subsidiaries, affiliated companies, branches, and centers distributed throughout Northern Vietnam.

2. Which services are ALS providing?

ALS primary services include cargo handling services at the Airports, the Off – Airport cargo terminals, warehousing, transportation, and other value-added logistics services. We are developing several related services such as e-Commerce, cold chains, customs, etc., to bring more options for customers. Our mission is to become the leader in aviation logistics providers in Vietnam.

3. Is ALS services good?

To whom concern about either ALS services is good, we confidently notice that ALS services can satisfy mainly logistics demands. Some reasons help to build our strengths, such as:

3.1. ALS is good at making our customers satisfied

Cargo is our priority. We keep renovating procedures to shorten handling time, reduce cargo congestion with minimum risks. ALS plays a crucial role in effectively bringing cargo from factories to the airport without waiting by connecting the Off-airport cargo terminal straight to the airport cargo terminal.

3.2. ALS is good at professionalism

With its rich experience in the air cargo sector, ALS has demonstrated confidence in every cargo handling process, whether warehousing, transportation, or other value-added services are completed meticulously, accurately, on time.

3.3. ALS is good at efficiency & commitment

We stay productive at work using flexible tools and methods. Maintaining quality commitments with customers, honoring promises, and complying with regulations are essential factors that help maintain work efficiency. In addition, by regularly and periodically encouraging employees to develop practical initiatives and improvements to support their work, ALS is confident that our capacity to serve goods will increase day by day.

4. Why are ALS services to be recognized well?

4.1. Trusted by customers

First of all, ALS is a trusted partner of many world’s leading corporations such as Samsung, DHL, Microsoft, Foxconn, and airlines such as Korean Air, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines…

We have 15 years of experiment in serving cargo handling via airways.

4.2. Wide distribution network

The network of ALS spreads out nationwide with off-airport cargo terminal in high-tech industrial zones: Yen Phong Industrial Park (Bac Ninh); VSIP Bac Ninh; Yen Binh IP (Thai Nguyen), My Dinh (Hanoi), Gia Lam (Hanoi),… straightly connects to ALS cargo terminal – the most modern terminal at Noi Bai International Airport. ALS has contributed significantly to reducing costs and time handling air cargo, reducing overcrowding at Noi Bai airport, and speeding up cargo flow by air domestically and internationally.

4.3. Flexibility to a perfect match with demands

ALS has designed integrated logistics solutions that can fit precisely each customer by dividing our total solutions into separated steps so that customers can choose which step is suitable and necessary for their logistics needs.


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