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Cool storage warehousing services: Things you should know about

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With recent fast-growing in two numbers logistics services is now playing important role in supply chain management and the flow of goods in current transport routines from all over the world. Logistics as with its name also divided in many categories such as: Procurement, Distribution, Inbound, Outbound, disposal, after-sales….

Furthermore, with the gradually expanding in both vertical and horizontal development, Logistics now appeared in every kind of shipments from: Machines, consumer goods and even fresh-from-the-farm food are now also can be transported which still well-preserved the quality of the food 

As with transportation can extend to many days, goods that needs special handling like medicine, vaccine, cosmetics, food and beverages, delicate electronic devices, etc which should be kept in stability environment from constant-changing temperature and collisions before and during the shipment

1. What kind of cool storage containers you should know:

Cool storage containers are the ideal choice to keep your cargo still intact, normally logistics companies can support temperature varies from -180C to 200C which divided into specific zones:

  • Frozen (-180C or lower)
  • Chiller (From 00C to 50C)
  • Ambient (From 100C  to 200C)
  • Dry (With dehumidifier and No temperature controlled)

Normally, the colder to store the goods, the more expensive it gets due to the fact that energy consumption increases to maintain temperature at the exact required level and more specialized equipment to support cool storage containers

2. What goods should be kept in Cool storage and in which zones?

It’s recommended that companies should use cool storage for these goods:

  • Food, actually all kinds of food should be kept in cool storage to retain its flavor and freshness even for short routes
  • Beverages: Soft drinks, wine, beers, milk, etc which needed to be kept in cool climate to remain quality of the products
  • Medicine and medical equipment: Keeping chemical properties in drugs or heat-sensitive medical equipment remains stable and sterilization, manufacturer often chose cool or cold storage and shipment before reaching the desired destinations
  • Cosmetics: From skin-care, personal hygiene, perfume products,.etc to retain valuable chemical properties in the perfect state
  • Electronic devices: From batteries, diode, mainboard, CPU and other UV and heat sensitive devices all needed to be handed carefully. It should be noted that electronic devices should be in dry environment for longer lifespan 

3. How can cool storage companies will support your business?

First of all, there’re no limitations for what kind of goods to preserve in cool storage, the key’s how cool storage can save your business from numerous costs and fees of built-in storage, here’re few indications you should consider:

  • Mostly manufacturers have integrated warehouse with cool storage, but limited cool storage capacity for industrialization scale will also limit your business’s capacity to preserve quality of your products 
  •  Tremendous cost for investment in building cool storage. Unlike any other ordinary preservation methods, cool storage required specialized equipment and facility to keep the temperature stability for products covered in area, the larger it gets, the harder to maintain the stability
  • Time-consumption: It can takes up many months or even years to complete procedures and training personnel to keep the cool storage runs smoothly. Furthermore, lacking of experience in both building and maintaining the storage can cost the business in preserving products, for example: Goods damage, changing personnel, operating costs,…

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4. Suggestions for professional cool storage companies in Vietnam?

ALS’s one of the leading aviation logistics companies in Vietnam with pioneering facilities and infrastructure for Warehousing for common and distinctive goods with international aviation standards

Cool storage ALS with firm foundation on technological advance contributed in the of warehousing, transportation, aviation management precisely, reduced the inaccuracies in operation

In addition, Cool storage ALS equipped with pallet-localized technology, standard shelf, modern security, supervising and fire rescue system fully functional on 24/7

Our main services:

  • Warehousing
  • Goods management software
  • Lift, Load/Unload Goods
  • Label sealing
  • Other services:
    • Packing and securing goods
    • Pallet selling
    • On-demand services
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