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ALS Cargo Terminal Joint-Stock Company Introduction (ALSC)

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ALS Cargo Terminal Joint-Stock Company (ALSC) is an ALS subsidiary, plays a vital role in connecting the logistics chain of export/ import cargo at Noibai International airport. 

The primary role of ALSC is to operate the cargo terminal. ALSC is considered a gateway to ensure smooth and quick air cargo flows.

1. The process of formation and development

ALSC was established in 2015. ALS Cargo Terminal Joint-Stock Company runs one of the most modern cargo terminals in North Vietnam. ALS terminal stands at a convenient location for domestic and international logistics activities at Noi Bai International Airport zone, Phu Minh Commune, Soc Son District, TP. Hanoi.

2. About ALS cargo terminal 

Currently, ALS Noibai Cargo terminal operates in a 30.000sqm area with a total capacity of up to 250.000 tons of cargo per year. 

After building ALS cargo terminal phase 2, ALS’s capacity will be 700.000 tons of cargo per year with a 70.000sqm area. 

ALS cargo terminal includes four separate floors with scientific layouts: 

Handling area

1st floor: Outbound cargo services (15.000sqm)

2nd floor: Inbound cargo services (15.000sqm)

Cross dock area (500sqm)

3rd and 4th floor: office for lease and canteen (4.500sqm)

Parking area, handling, and other areas (10.200sqm)

3. Services at cargo terminal

Airport cargo terminal services

Cargo handling services: ALS now is handling 24/7 import/export procedures for international airlines.

Special Cargo Services: ALS cargo terminal has separated areas with modern equipment specifically for Dangerous Goods, high-valued goods, alive animals,…

Cold storage: The cold storage’s volume is 130m3 with a flexible range of temperature (from -20C to 20C) to create the best storage conditions for goods.

Office for lease/ Billboard for lease

ALSC provides office infrastructure for organizations/businesses in Noibai Airport to facilitate operation and customs clearance. The total rental area is up to 4,500sqm with a modern equipment system.

4. Inbound – Outbound Instruction

a, Outbound instruction

Step 1: Register at the entry gate

Step 2: Parking at the assigned lot

Step 3: Customs clearance (3rd floor)

Step 4: Parking at assigned dock

Step 5: Cargo acceptance

Step 6: Payment process

Step 7: Exit

b, Inbound Instruction

Step 1: Register at the entry gate

Step 2: Parking at the assigned lot

Step 3: Inbound documentation counter and payment process (3rd floor)

Step 4: Customs clearance (3rd floor)

Step 5: Customs supervision 

Step 6: Receipt cargo and customs inspection (if any) 

Step 7: Cargo loading into truck

Step 8: Exit

5. ALSC’s partners and customers

ALS Cargo terminal plays a vital role in the aviation logistics supply chain. ALSC also is a truth-worthed provider of many international airlines, forwarders and domestics, global groups. 

6. Contact

Please don’t hesitate if you have any questions for us via

– Hotline: +84 24 3295 9888  

– Email:

Or leave us a message by press “Contact Now” after submitting our form. We will reach you as soon as possible.

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